Nexus2 Expansion Total Piano

Nexus2 Expansion Total Piano®

Nexus2 Expansion Total Piano

We’ve given Peter Siedlaczek’s immaculate Total Piano samples the full Nexus treatment with this inspiring and versatile expansion. From huge, warm grands to bizarre prepared pianos, this really is Total Piano.


Dear Friends,
what do you hear if you hit a piano key? The piano sound, of course. THE sound everybody knows. However, if played in an unconventional way, this wonderful instrument offers much more!

Who hasn’t tried it as a child: plucking the strings with the fingers while keeping the sustain pedal pressed down, striking them with any possible material or knocking on the sound-board… Indeed – a piano can produce loads of interesting and “phonogenic” sounds and effects – not only disharmonic tonal structures reserved for experimental music, but also sonorous, pleasing, warm, sustained or percussive sounds astoundingly suitable for modern commercial productions. It would simply be a shame not to sample them… And, if sampled, these sounds enable much more flexibility – or can you imagine playing complex chords or very fast sequences with a plectrum directly on the piano strings?

So, let me introduce you the “Total Piano” – the very first library containing – in addition to the classical samples of acoustic pianos – new, unconventionally created, original piano sounds, which can be subdivided into four groups:

Acoustic Pianos
These include: Brilliant Classical Piano with its mellow, natural but still sparkling sound, and Pop Piano which provides a clearly punchier and brighter sound particularly suitable for modern music production.

Unconventional playing techniques
These sounds have clearly differentiated pitch and consistent quality, which allows playing harmonies and melodies. Their names are derived from instruments or devices of similar timbre, like Harpsichord (strings played with a metal plectrum), Cimbalom (strings stroked with wooden mallets), or Circular Saw (strings stimulated with a motor-driven cogwheel). Some of the sounds – like Hyper Piano or Magic Piano – are the result of more complex treatments, which, for reasons of space, I cannot describe here.

Prepared Piano Sounds
These sounds have been created on a specially modified, prepared instrument. Although most of them are percussive sounds with non-harmonic components, they have their own pitch and are chromatically tuned, as, for instance, Thai Piano (with precisely placed metal screws between the strings), Rubbery Piano (with pieces of rubber instead of screws) or Flageolets (strings shortened with the fingers by the factor of 1:2, 2:3 etc.). The Thumb Tack Piano is an exception: this is the most “piano-like” sound within this category.

Piano Effects
These sounds have no tonal character in most cases and are intended to serve as special effects and atmospheres. They were created by striking or scratching the strings or the sound-board with various materials, sweeping across the strings, playing clusters, etc.

None of the sounds have been treated with any outboard equipment, providing the user complete freedom for individual sound design.

I hope you’ll find this library very inspiring and versatile. It’s up to you now!


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