Myloops ReOrder Producer Sample Pack

Myloops ReOrder Producer Sample Pack®

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ReOrder teams up with Myloops once again to bring us his excellent Producer Sample Pack. This 600+MB Sample Library is dedicated to Trance Music Production. You’ll find large sets of FX, drum sounds (claps, snares, hats, kicks, cymbals) and bassline kits, all ready to use in your productions. This library includes some of ReOrder’s key signature sounds used in his releases on labels such as Black Hole Recordings, FSOE and Who’s Afraid of 138. The library also includes brand new trance sounds that are bound to find a place in your next uplifting, progressive or psy trance productions.

Everything you hear in the audio demo is made with samples from this package, and a couple presets from ReOrder’s Spire soundset. Inside the package, you’ll get the library of 584 samples, and you’ll also get the 2 DAW demo projects as heard in the audio demo, included as projects for Ableton Live, Cubase, FL Studio and Logic Pro. As you can hear in the audio demo, the first project is uplifting trance (this one uses Spire for melodic elements) and the second one is psy trance (this one is entirely sample based). The demo projects will help you get started in using the samples and will get you inspired for your own tracks. Get this together with ReOrder’s Spire soundset, and you’ll have the ultimate weapon for creating uplifting trance music.

603 MB Library of Professional Trance Samples
584 audio files in total
All samples are clearly named and categorized. They include :
162 Bass, 36 Claps, 21 Crash, 31 FX Claps, 101 FX Shots, 21 Snares, 36 Hats, 104 Kicks, 21 Reverse Crash Cymbals, and 51 Snares
12 Bonus Presets for Spire (from ReOrder Trance Spire Soundset)
Produced by ReOrder (FSOE, Black Hole Recordings, Who’s Afraid Of 138)
Only useful & modern presets, no fillers
2 Demo Projects included for Ableton Live – 1 Trance & 1 Psy Trance (100% royalty free)
2 Demo Projects included for Cubase – 1 Trance & 1 Psy Trance (100% royalty free)
2 Demo Projects included for Logic Pro- 1 Trance & 1 Psy Trance (100% royalty free)
2 Demo Projects included for FL Studio – 1 Trance & 1 Psy Trance (100% royalty free)

Quick boost of inspiration for your productions
All content is 100% royalty free – you can use them in your released productions
Improve the sound of your next tracks
Instantly download a larget set of professional trance samples for your tracks
Learn from the presets by reverse engineering them
Find out example uses of the samples by studying the 2 demo projects included (Ableton Live + Logic Pro + FL Studio + Cubase)

Tibor Tomecko (ReOrder) is known for his beautiful uplifting and progressive trance releases on Subculture, Silent Shore Records, Monster Tunes, FSOE, Amsterdam Trance and his tracks being played by the top trance DJs in the world.

To open the Trance Demo Project : Reveal-Sound Spire v1.1.7 or higher
To open the Psy Trance Demo Project : No VST neeeded
To open the Ableton Live Demo Projects : Ableton Live v9.6 or higher
To open the Cubase Demo Projects : Cubase v5.1 or higher
To open the FL Studio Demo Projects : FL Studio v12.2 or higher
To open the Logic Pro Demo Projects : Logic Pro v9.1.8 or higher


CompatibilityAbleton Live, Bitwig Studio, Cubase, FL Studio (Fruity Loops), Logic Pro, Logic Pro X, Presonus Studio One
StyleNuPsy, Progressive Trance, Psy Trance, Uplifting Trance

Demo Preview :

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