Lucid Samples Sounds Of Nu Skool Garage WAV MiDi REX AiFF

Lucid Samples Sounds Of Nu Skool Garage WAV MiDi REX AiFF®



About Sounds of Nu Skool Garage

With the UKs airwaves and clubs buzzing once again to the sound of UK garage, a new generation is tuning in and discovering this uniquely British sound. As such its the perfect time for the return of one of the scenes true pioneers, Jeremy Sylvester, once signed to the label that arguably started it all, Nice n Ripe Records.

Sounds of Nu Skool Garage is an awesome sample pack designed with the new generation of Garage producers in mind. This multi-format contains the trademark Jeremy Sylvester sounds, but brought right unto date with the latest production techniques, with crispy drum loops, sexy one shots laced with Deep house influences, bassline riffs, chords riffs & vocal loops.

Every sound excluding the one shots, come in various formats including high definition 24bit WAV, REX2, APPLE LOOPS & a small selection of MIDI riff/patterns.

If youre looking for the new sound of Garage or Deep bumpy & sexy House, look no further than this pack, which is the first in a series of packs specifically for this fresh new genre.

Sounds Of Nu Skool Garage contains:

5 Bass Lines
102 Drum Loops
39 Riffs
27 Vox Loops
67 One Shots
29 Midi Riffs

In total: 615 files (240 Wav Samples, 173 Apple Loops, 173 Rex2 Samples & 29 Midi Samples)

Size: 106 MB Unzipped

Demo Preview

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