Sample Magic SM101 Miami Sessions Patches For Massive & Sylenth1

Sample Magic SM101 Miami Sessions Patches For Massive®

Massive Sylenth1

A distinctive fusion of deep, tech, bass and tropical house, Miami Sessions Patches is inspired by the sunshine-soaked sound synonymous with this electronic music hotspot. Packed with both Massive and Sylenth patches, is comprehensive collection packs in chunky basses, techy percussive leads, retro keys and organs, soaring leads and lush pads bursting with melodic inspiration. 

Whilst the Sylenth bank takes care of the lush and anthemic sounds, the Massive bank takes things into deep, darker and techier directions – making this pack perfect for poolside jams as well as dancefloor bombs.

In total the collection contains 101 Sylenth patches and 101 Massive patches.

Please note: the audio contains drum and vocal samples which are NOT included in the pack. This pack contains Sylenth and Massive synth presets only.

Download contains:

101 x Massive Patches
101 x Sylenth Patches
Please note: Massive v1.3 and Sylenth v2.2 or higher are required to use these patches.

Demo Preview


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