Plughugger Dark Techno Soundset For U-He Diva

Plughugger Dark Techno Soundset For U-He Diva®


TZ Group | Soundset For U-he Diva | 388.66 KB

Dark Techno is a sound expansion with 150 new sounds for the U-he Diva and is a toolbox for underground techno and minimal and genres requiring less cuteness and more industrialism.

Diva is well known for its faithful analog tone, but with Dark Techno we set out to make sounds as far away from analog beauty we possibly could get. The keywords for the design were Dark. Murky. Noisy. Threatening.

dark. noisy. quirky.
no analog beauty.

To move out from the comfortable zone of traditional analogue tones we had to dive deeper into features often overlooked in Diva, such as cross modulation, resonators, ring modulation, tunable noise, FM and of course the new digital oscillator, which is a real powerhouse for creating sounds that go outside the boundaries normally associated with Diva.

The result is a collection sounds aimed for producers who want to inject a dose of darkness into their film and music productions.

Contents of Dark Techno:

Atmospheres and Drones: 43
Bass sounds: 79
Effects: 14
Lead and synth sounds: 14


Name: Dark Techno.
Requirements: Diva.
Number of sounds: 150.
Format: Diva.
Style: Techno and progressive house.


Demo Preview

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