Eclipse Sound The White Raven For U-he Bazille


Bazille presets .h2p | 577 KB

100+ high quality sounds full of life and character. If you are like me, and don’t want tons of million-times heard sounds sitting on your computer, but rather a carefully-selected set of inspiring patches, then The White Raven is for you.

12 aggressive dubstep-style basses “from the hell”, 13 nonstep (means normal) analog-sounding warm and punchy basses, 5 unique bell-sounds, 3 epic brasses, 10 enchanting chords and strums, 10 really useful fx-s, 7 acoustic-like keys, 6 pleasant sounding leads for melody, 10 loops each with own character, 6 pads “from heaven”, 4 unexpected passages, 6 convincing rhythmical/gated pads, 8 mysterious soundscapes and drones.

In 2014 when Bazille was launched, u-he organized a public-voting based patch competition on KVR, in which I had the luck of being given the 1st prize even in more categories. Than I made the Bombazille soundbank and released it for free. If you liked it, you will love this.


Demo Preview

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