FutureSpeak Beyond Earth Presets For U-he Bazille


TZ Group | Presets for u-he Bazille H2P | 602.16 KB

This soundset contains over 128 presets, most of which are geared towards composers and producers who enjoy merging gritty synth sounds with orchestral instruments. My influences are, but not limited to: Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy, M83’s Oblivion, Michael McCann’s Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Jonsi, and Ryan Tedder.

Sounds included are:

12 Ambient/SFX
20 Bass/Bass Rhythms
38 Keys and Plucks
20 Leads
5 Movers
24 Pads
7 Percussion

Homepage: http://sounds.futurespeak.ca/

Demo Preview

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