Plughugger Bassphere Complete Soundset For Spectrasonics Omnisphere


07-July-2012 | Quakeaudio | Omnisphere | 9.9 MB

BASSPHERE COMPLETE is a bundle made up of BASSPHERE 01, BASSPHERE 02 and BASSPHERE 03 giving a total of 395 new presets for the Omnisphere synthesizer.

Name: Bassphere Complete
Requirements: Spectrasonics Omnisphere
Number of sounds: 395
Format: Omnisphere format
Style: Electro bass and sequence sound expansion

IMPORTANT – BASSPHERE COMPLETE is a soundset for the Spectrasonics software synthesizer. This product requires a fully working copy of Omnisphere to work. BASSPHERE COMPLETE is a bundle and contains all the sounds from BASSPHERE 01, BASSPHERE 02 and BASSPHERE 03. The sounds have been developed with Omnisphere for OS X but have been fully tested on both PCs as well.

Homepage: http://www.plughugger.com/omnisphere-bassphere.html


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