SoundSpot Focus v1.0.1 VST VST3 AU AAX MAC WiN

MacOSX Windows

MAC – 11.53 MB | WiN – 5.85 MB

Easily Add Clarity & Depth to your Master Using Psychoacoustics
We designed Focus to make one of the mastering industry secrets available to you using psychoacoustics – right out of the box.

Focus takes care of all the wizardry behind the scenes, creating this psychoacoustic processing chain while keeping the effect mono-compatible.

All you have to do is to adjust the filterband to highlight any important elements in your master you want to stand out.

This technique can take your mix into a completely new sonic realm, making your kick drums punch through and helping lead vocals and instruments sit effortlessly in the mix.

+ Well guarded mastering secret revealed
+ Bring out elements in your master in a new way
+ Analog modeled filters and summing
+ Extremely light on CPU and RAM
+ Mastering is the key to giving a well balanced mix the final push to make it stand out. However, many commercial releases seem to have a level of depth and clarity that seems extremely difficult to achieve

“Sometimes when you’ve finished your mix, you tend to hear a lack of presence with some frequencies – now you can easily add them using Focus, without altering your whole mix. We use on every single production now”.
Blank & Jones – German electronic music duo who have released eleven albums, and more than 16 singles since their first single release ‘Sunrise’ in 1997.


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