Sugar Bytes Cyclop v1.1.1.R2 Incl KeyGen-R2R


TEAM R2R 2015.01.02 | WiN: 106.57 MB

Cyclop has landed. A powerful monster that has grown out of all the sounds in the universe. And with it comes bass – lots of it. Synthesis in its purest form. Spectral, digital, or fat analog. Use your own samples as a wavetable, throw effect sequencer orgies, drop on filters and make wobble basses never heard before. Cyclop is here to create new sound. Wrap your bass around your drums like melted sugar around a hot chili pepper. Cyclop is monophic and it will blow your mind. Wobble bass? Dubstep? Do something completely new!

New kinds of modulators like the Wobble Generator and the Sound Knob.

FX-Sequencer, also to be controlled by the FX-Knob.

6 Synthesis Engines: Saw Regiment, Analog Sync, FM, Transformer, Spectromat, Phase Stressor

10 state of the art Filter types, plus vowel mode.

Routing Module for Synth / Filter patching, including Overdrive.

Sub Oscillator, Bass Processor, one-view modulation-flow.

Recommended by BoysNoize, Skrillex, Peaches, Modeselektor, SiriusMo, Mouse on Mars, Biohazard.

Over 800 presets included, most of them from various artists.

Cyclop comes as standalone application and VST/AU/RTAS/AAX plugin.


Cyclop is another Sugar Bytes hit! Really original as always. You guys really are the best out there at the moment.
Matthew Herbert

Cyclop rules at least 4 tracks on our new album!

I just have to say that I’ve been programming music professionally for over 12 years now and within just 2 hours or so of tinkering it’s clear that Cyclop is one of the best synths I’ve ever used. Awesome!
Ben Medcalf/The Rogue Element/Disco of Doom/Axiom

Got your basssynth today and it’s the dopest vst ive come across.Brilliant fucking ace.
The Cosmic Pimp

I downloaded the demo of this last night and just wanted to write to tell you how BLOWN AWAY I am by the usability and excitement I have for the interface and sound quality coming out of this thing. I designed 3D interfaces like this for 10 years and always wanted my work to look like what you did with this. Slight perspective, perfect lighting… Just awesome.
Carson Carr, Producer

Well done for this great plug-in, the demo was fantastic and convinced me to purchase, I’m going to be using this a lot on my upcoming productions!
Erol Sabadosh

Holy crap. This synth is amazing. Thanks for such a creatively inspired tool. As a professional, I purchace my products and only have purchased a couple of soft synths (I’m an analoge man), and this purchase is good! This is now my go to synth for evolving space bass. I am impressed!
Mike Echopilot

Homepage: http://sugar-bytes.de/content/products/Cyclop/


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