Zenhiser Oldskool Rave Stabs Reworked WAV


Calling all oldskool crew and nuskool producers. It’s happened, the classic oldskool rave sound is being revamped and Zenhiser’s at the forefront. ‘Oldskool Rave Stabs Reworked’ is just as the name suggests, we sat down with our old Zenhiser rave packs and starting a manipulation and transformation process to deliver a collection of 230 rave stabs that will lift your music productions to a whole new level. Now you have an arsenal of stabs sounds that capture the essence of the oldskool rave scene that spread through England in the early 90’s. We were around and producing even back then so we know just how much soul and emotion sits in these incredible sounds, with this sample pack being an absolute pleasure to make. We spent hours building boxes with our hands, bouncing in one spot and remembering which pills made us gurn the most whilst destroying our ears due to the insane level we ran our studio speaker at. The result was just as we expected, red eyes, painful ears and a new array of oldskool rave samples that will blow your mind!

For all of you that were not around back in the early 90’s don’t fret, you will get some awesome rushes using these oldskool hardcore stabs, just not as much as us! To keep up with trends and make sure this sample pack is bang up to date we’ve supplied all samples with key information and given some rave stabs delay and reverb fx whilst some just sit super wide and fat. So what are waiting for, grab Oldskool Rave Stabs Reworked and start a new rave revolution in the EDM scene!!!

All audio files within this Zenhiser pack are 24bit 48khz wav

As with all the latest Zenhiser sample packs, audio files display the bpm and key information (where applicable) within the file name

Please note: As with all Zenhiser packs, no samples are ever duplicated in our catalogue so each & every sample pack you purchase is fresh and new

Homepage: http://www.zenhiser.com/oldskool-rave-stabs-reworked.html

Demo Preview

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