Overloud Gem Plugins Bundle 1.1.0 (NO INSTALL, SymLink Installer)


VST, VST3, AAX, x86 x64

Audio DSP package, comprising:

Overloud Gem EQ84 1.1.0,
Overloud Gem EQ495 1.0.0,
Overloud Gem Dopamine 1.0.0,
Overloud Gem Tapedesk 1.0.1,
Overloud Gem Comp76 1.0.0,

Overloud Gem Dopamine 1.1.2,
Overloud Gem EQ84 1.2.2,
Overloud Gem TAPEDESK 1.1.2 ,
Overloud Gem EQ495 1.1.2 ,
Overloud Gem Comp76 1.1.2 FIXED,

.. #### The 
software is intended for introductory testing. 
Support the manufacturer if the software is liked 
and planned to use it for earnings, 
according to the rules of the manufacturer’s license. 
.. #### {HOW TO “INSTALL” THIS PACKAGE WITH USING .CMD FILES SymLink Installer?} Although the following is a long description, the point is simple: 
A) SAVE ARRANGEMENTS, delete some folders possibly left over from previous installations; 
B) run the symlink command file – SymLink Installer.cmd; 
C) specify in DAW the path of scanning VST2 plug-ins (C: \ Program Files (x86) \ VstPlugins),
D) run DAW, scan for new plug-ins, run them and (if required) register.

The stages of the “installation” are indicated in curly brackets. 
Explanations (read only if necessary) are highlighted in spoilers (or triple square brackets in the txt file attached to the distribution).

Homepage: https://www.overloud.com/

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