Black Octopus Sound Vocal Atmospheres By Holly Drummond WAV MiDi-DISCOVER

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TM DISCOVER | December/31th/2017 | 1.29GB

From vocalist Holly Drummond comes a truly unique vocal sample pack of lush ambient textures and evolving vocal tones. Vocal Atmospheres by Holly Drummond contains an extensive collection of royalty free samples from single notes to slow motion evolving melodies.

The recordings are designed to be blended together to create your own soundscapes appropriate for the type of music you are working on. The sounds will feel right at home in ambient, chill, and soundtrack styles of production.

The long atmospheres can also work in higher energy tracks such as progressive, trance, & electro – we recommend trying rhythmic gating effects, and sidechained reverb over these sounds to get some really interesting effects!

The sounds are ready to go immediately, just add a touch of chorus and a heavy side of reverb (We recommend Valhalla Room, Vintage Verb, and Valhalla Shimmer). All sounds are labelled with the correct key information for ease of use.

……:::::: Note ::::::……
• The audio demo includes 1 omnisphere patch (warm blankets) & 1 piano patch (not included).

……:::::: Product Specifications ::::::……
• Format: WAVs & MIDIs
• 05 x Huge Textures
• 060 x Long Evolving Textures
• 036 x Long Single Note Atmospheres
• 024 x Straight Tones
• 072 x Swells
• 007 x Drone (Key Gmin) (128BPM)
• 019 x Harmonies & Adlibs (Key Amin) (170BPM): (9 x Harmonies, 9 x Ad-Libs, 1 x MIDIs)
• 017 x Harmonies & Adlibs (Key Dmin) (128BPM): (7 x Harmonies, 9 x Ad-Libs, 1 x MIDIs)
• 017 x Harmonies & Adlibs (Key Ebmaj) (160BPM): (7 x Harmonies, 9 x Ad-Libs, 1 x MIDIs)
• 015 x Harmonies & Adlibs (Key Emin) (150BPM): (7 x Harmonies, 7 x Ad-Libs, 1 x MIDIs)
• 016 x Harmonies & Adlibs (Key Fmaj) (140BPM): (9 x Harmonies, 6 x Ad-Libs, 1 x MIDIs)
• 283 x Individual (WAVs) Files
• 005 x Individual (MIDIs) Files
• 288 x Files In Total
• Key And Tempo-Labelled
• 44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible


……:::::: DEMO/PREViEW ::::::……


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