Roland VS Concerto v4.1.2-R2R


DATE : 2018.08.11 | NUMBER : R2R-7049 | SiZE : 10.7 MB

Roland Cloud Concerto is the sample playback and RAINLINK based recording engine that powers the Tera, FLAVR and Anthology series of Roland Cloud virtual instruments. Although Concerto alone does not an instrument make, it is the underlying engine that powers many current Roland Cloud instruments and will be the host to many forthcoming Roland Cloud technologies.

Roland Cloud Concerto:

– outputs to Stereo, 4 track, and 8 track
– contains ADSHR amplitude envelope control
– supports release samples: articulation-based selection of sample layers
– provides via a single Concerto instance simultaneous, multiple instrument playback
– allows multiple output perspectives (microphone positions) per voice for ease of mixing and mastering
– employs a Highly flexible MIDI Learn System, making groundbreaking features such as Fret Shifting in the Tera Guitar series possible
– boasts best-in-class convolution and algorithmic reverb
– leverages Cubic interpolation for sample rate conversion and pitch shifting
– has a vast suite of audio effects, including compressor and limiter, filter, LFO, and key-tracking
– Roland Cloud Concerto will continue to grow in capabilities and feature-set as the needs of you, the creator, demand.

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