Music Protest Cubase Even More Beginner Mixing Tips TUTORiAL

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FANTASTiC | 31 October 2018 | 1.12 GB

Cubase users can get overwhelmed with the depth of the DAW. This course, along with my other Cubase courses, helps students use Cubase to effectively mix their music AND understand the program’s power. This course extends my original course: Cubase Mixing with EQ and Compression.

I’ll cover additional features like:

•Master channel limiting
•Review of Mixing a Drum Kit
•Mixing in mono

I’ll also explain mixing workflows for:

•Pre-Master Level

Jump in, complete the course project and quickly develop a richer, deeper understanding of both Cubase and the mixing process.

Project Description

This course is interactive and the course project is designed to help you work through the lessons hands on! First, download the audio files (stems) that accompany this course. You’ll use them to complete the following tasks:

1.Practice applying some master channel limiting to control your master output levels.
2.Review drum mixing and get a chance to mix a raw kit. Try to mix your own punchy, grooving drum mix using the lessons in this course. Share your drum mix and ask for feedback on levels, balance and panning.
3.Explore using the tips in the “Mixing in Mono” lesson to see how mixing in mono can give you a much, much better understanding of your mix and how it will sound on a variety of systems. Ideally, you should try to mix in mono and listen to the output in a variety of speakers (monitors, computer speakers and headphones). Look for (and try to fix) any problems you hear in Mono. If there are no problems, great!
4.Finally, apply the “Pre-Master Considerations” and export your final audio mix.
These easy steps should make this course more fun and help you internalize the valuable topics in this course, making you a better mixing engineer for your recording and mixing projects. As always, please reach out to me (your instructor) if you have any questions or suggestions for improving this course. Thanks for enrolling and I look forward to hearing what you guys come up with!

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