Antidote Audio DJ Scratch Pack WAV


Wav Sample Pack – 12 mb

Antidote Audio has released DJ Scratch, a free sample pack which is now available via their official website.

Ever fancied yourself a ‘dab hand’ on the turntable? Now, you can bring back old memories and newbies can get in on the action (at least close…), with this free pack of 60 ‘scratching’ samples which simulate the sound of a DJ scratching the decks, which could actually be hugely useful if you’re producing a remix and need some old-skool transition FX!

150 BPM Loops (x12)
Adlib Scratch (x7)
Drum Scratch (x9)
FX Scratch (x27)
Vocal Scratch (x5)
Total: 60 Samples (.WAV Format)
Size: 11.9 MB (Zipped)

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