Ars Nova Software Bundle 15.11.2018 WiN


WiN 15.11.2018 | 39.46 MB

Songworks v3.117
Counterpointer v2.057
Practica Musica Instructor v6.226

Songworks v3.117

Ars Nova Software Bundle WiN 15.11.2018 screenshot

Songworks is an easy-to-use program for composing, hearing, and printing music on your computer.

Counterpointer is the first counterpoint instruction software ever to offer evaluation of both species and free counterpoint, and can serve both as a self-contained introduction to counterpoint and as a tool to accompany counterpoint textbooks.

Practica Musica 6 has a new look – its 225 learning activities are organized into a book-like table of contents that helps you to find the activities that are right for you. You can locate a learning activity by topic, by name, or take a guided course.

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