Puremagnetik Snare Designer FOR ABLETON LiVE LOGiC KONTAKT


03.11.2018 | FOR ABLETON LiVE LOGiC KONTAKT | 290 MB

Snare Designer brings three legendary acoustic snare drums right to your desktop studio. Whether you are producing rock, electronic, jazz or film scoring, this free sound pack delivers a huge palette of percussive colors to your production.

Snare Designer includes instruments of the classic Ludwig Acrolite, Mapex Birch and Pork Pie Little Squealer snare drums – programmed for individual microphone tweaking and detailed tone sculpting.

The Ableton Live and Kontakt versions include a custom control panel that gives you access to direct, overhead, room and “trashcan” microphones.

The Logic version loads as Track Stacks of the multi-mic recordings including all direct, room and special effect microphones.


The Ludwig Acrolite was originally manufactured in 1968 as a student drum. Its dry, cracking tone, however, was highly coveted by professional session players and it quickly became a staple in the modern recording studio.


The Mapex Birch has a solid, balanced and “woody” tone. It strikes with an initial punch and a dampening decay characteristic of wooden drums.


The Pork Pie Little Squealer comes to the session with some real crack – wait, that doesn’t sound right… Its high pitch tone and fast decay are perfect for sitting up front in mixes that require those 2s and 4s to pop.

• Ableton Live 10 and higher, Kontakt 5 (full version) and higher, Logic 10.4 and higher.
• 200 MB of free disk space

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