Prime Loops Total Complextro Massive Presets NMSV


NMSV | 130.21 KB

64 professionally programmed Complextro Presets for Massive synth from Total Samples.

Roll up roll up, get the freshest complextro presets right here! Get your growly basses, swampy basses, roary basses! Your plucky synths, paddy synths, scrappy synths! Get your arps and your leads and eff-exes and much more, all for the price of a couple of pints!

We’re proud at Total to bring you one of our newest and most talented producer’s personal set of presets for NI’s Massive, all geared toward that funky and downright danceable complextro! All of the powerful vibes as well as sensitive synths are here accompanied by a whole host of complementary sound sources across pads, effects, arps and more.

Anyone after the sound of Skrillex, Savant, Knife Party and many more need look no further, this is the pack for you!

64 Presets for NI Massive

1 x Arp
38 x Bass
5 x FX
2 x Pads
10 x Plucks
4 x Synths

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