Angry Parrot Bass House Serum Presets FXP-SYNTHiC4TE


SYNTHiC4TE | Jan 15 2019 | 45 MB

So you want more bass? Angry Parrot has your bass. In all frequencies. Welcome to Bass House. Where there are no rules, limitations, or boundaries. Why not expand and evolve your creativity with this Bass House Serum Preset pack from Angry Parrot.

We are delivering to you an intense way to create your own song starter, bass line, melody, and beats. Heavy, distorted rumbles and wobbles have been dialed in to stun and amaze. Organic ingredients include beat loops and one hits that will let you carve out an addicting high energy rhythm that is turbocharged with plenty of wallop.

Master the art of the ultimate growl. Our professional sound designers let you in on their secrets and give you access to their settings. Your foundation is set and ready for you to travel through your minds interstate where every turn is another possibility. Pursue beyond boundaries, how strong can your bass line be? Pick up Bass House Serum Presets by Angry Parrot today and let’s hear you bring the rage.


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