Heavyocity Evolve R2 v1.7.0 WIN MAC UPDATE ONLY


P2P | 07 January 2019 | 65 MB

EVOLVE is powered by the NI Kontakt engine and is fully integrated into the Kontakt Player browser. On the main page, users are provided with control over ADSR, HIGH PASS FILTER (including cut-off and resonance), LOW PASS FILTER (including cut-off and resonance), and EFFECTS (including Skreamer, Lo-Fi, Cabinet, Reverb, and Delay).

EVOLVE also features the highly innovative ‘TRIGGER FX’ engine. Made up of 12 discreet effects (filter sweeps, delays, compression, panning, distortion, Lo-Fi, and more), the Trigger FX can be performed and recorded using a midi keyboard, or user-assigned CC Values. Within the presets of the Rhythmic Suites, Percussive Kits, and Stings and Transitions categories, this real-time FX performance tool can create radical transformations of the original sounds with the hit of a key.

Rhythmic Suites
Walls of cinematic percussion, punchy beats, and next-gen tonal elements make up 7 genre-specific loop suites (Dramatic EVOLVED, Dramatic Techtronic, Electro Tech, Industrial Elements, Industrial Grunge, Quirky and Cartoony, Rock Pop, and Tonal Suites.) Over 600 beat sliced loops arranged with an intuitive keymapping system.

Stings and Transitions
5 categories of otherworldly sounds like Uncharted Metals, Odd Noise and Buildups, and Atonal Stings, offer distinct new ways to heighten emotional impact. Perfect for adding terrifying sonic punctuation to a film soundtrack or bizarre textures to the breakdown of a pop song.

Tonality and FX
This mashed up array of instruments strays from the traditional “meat and potatoes” sounds. This category includes complex instruments and pads such as Frozen Piano and Lydian Choir Gods, bringing an innovative quality to your arrangements.

Percussive Kits
Over 40 modern percussive-type menus and drum-like kits containing sounds gathered from an array of bizarre sources (warehouses, amusement parks, murky stairwells, and more). Whether it’s a massive hit, an ear piercing screech, or a subtle clang, this category provides an enormous variety of sounds for beat production.

Seq and Arp
Utilizing a custom step-sequence arpeggiator, users can control Velocity, Pan, and Filter on nearly 60 presets, ranging from percussive hits to tweaked pianos. Develop your own groove, or choose one of the 12 factory presets to get started.

If you need Full version, send PM.

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