AudioThing Effect Bundle 2019.2 CE-V.R


Team V.R | 11 February 2019 | 295.39 MB

Fog Convolver v1.5.1 – convolution processor
Frostbite v1.5.1 – multi-effect
Megaphone v1.0 – bullhorn / loudspeaker emulation
miniVerb v1.0 – 8-bit lofi reverb
OuterSpace v1.2.1 – Roland RE-201 Space Echo emulation
Phase Motion v2.0 – phaser
Reels v1.0 – tape emulation with built-in echo section and tape-stop effect
Space Strip v1.0.1 – multi-effect strip
Speaker v1.5.0 – overdrive with speaker emulation
The Orb v1.1.0 – formant filter
Type-A v1.1.0 – enhancer based @ Dolby-A noise reduction
Valve Exciter v1.5.2 – harmonic enhancer with vintage valve emulation
Valve Filter VF-1 v1.5.2 – resonant filter with vintage valve emulation
Vinyl Strip v1.1.5 – vintage multi-effect strip
WaveBox v1.0 – dynamic dual waveshaper

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