MAGIX VariVerb II v2.008-R2R


DATE : 2019.05.14 | NUMBER : R2R-8010 | SiZE : 7.92 MB

VARIVERB II HIGH PRECISION REVERBERATION Create reverb exactly the way you want. VariVerb 2 creates various types of reverb based on algorithmic calculations, without using impulse response. Create classic, modern or artificial reverb effects with various parameters such as room, plate, spring, and nonlinear reverb with this high-quality plugin.

* The release by VR which claim v2.6.0 is v2.006. This one is later. 

* The MAGIX VST plugins by VR has flaw in crack / installer. Some does not 
process audio, and have issue depends on language setting. 

* Completely removed Protein protection dependency. Our release keeps your 
plugin folder simple and clean. 

We hope we did it right :9 

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