Cymatics Organic Percussion Samples & Loops WAV


DEUCES | 02 July | WAV | 81.5 MB

Music is not all about heavy synths and compressed drums.

Sometimes, one of the best ways to make your music sound unique is to add in organic elements.

Artists like Big Wild, Flume and ODESZA have developed signature sounds by adding organic elements to their drums, like snares made out of pots banging together.

We spent extra time getting our production team to create interesting loops out of organic samples, just so you can have resources that are ready to insert into any song.

This pack includes some amazing percussion loops made out of unique foley, and a collection of one shots so that you can make your own original percussion loops as well.

Download Organic Percussion & Loops today and starting building your sound to be unlike anyone else in the music world!

50 Loops
75 One Shots

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