Tone2 AkustiX v1.2.0-R2R


Team R2R | Jan 11 2020 | 3 MB

AkustiX is a collection of six essential enhancement tools: Psycho EQ, Ultra Stereo, Phase Enhance, Multi Exciter, Smart Filter and Stereo Width. Each effect is based on the latest research and offers multiple ways to enhance the sound of your recordings by using psycho-acoustic processing

Why is it an essential tool?

Beat magazine review”The Plug-In provides the fairy-dust that your mix needs. A mighty plus for its usability and the low price.” Score 4.5 of 5

Six essential effects to polish your track and mastering process
Add brightness, transparency, fatness, vibrancy and depth to your mix
Restore and revitalize old recordings
Drastically enhance your stereo mixes
Exclusive new technology based on the latest in psychoacoustics research
Elegant and intuitive user interface
High-end processing
Powerful spectrum analyzer & phase meter showing stereo imaging and phase
Suitable for mixing, mastering and signal restoration purposes
Ships with professional presets for a broad range of mix & mastering tasks


* Completely unpacked from MPRESS2. Loads faster and uses less memory.
* Works without keyfile. Not detectable by their current protection.
* Homecalling and hosts file scan is bypassed.
* Does not scan or remove other blacklisted.
* Includes custom wrapper and solves file access issue.

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