Tone2 FireBird v2.1.0 INTERNAL-R2R


Team R2R | Jan 11 2020 | 9.83 MB

Firebird is not just another subtractive synthesizer, it uses a unique synthesis architecture to deliver next-generation sounds. Its innovative user interface provides you with the tools to create impressive sounds with a minimal amount of effort. Featuring an impressive selection of 437 build-in sounds, representing both highly sought-after VA sounds, as well as sounds more specific to Firebird and characterized by its Harmonic Content Morphing synthesis, breathing both life and dynamics into the sounds.


* Blacklisted keyfiles deletion has been removed!
The difference since our last FireBird v2.1.0 release in 2014:
* Unpacked from PECompact3, loads faster and uses less memory.
Just for fun, and avoid the conspiracy “R2R cannot unpack PECompact” 🙂
Tagged as INTERNAL becaues our last release is ok!

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