Antares AVOX v4.2.0 CE-V.R


Team V.R | 01 November | 25 MB

The AVOX 4 Antares Vocal Toolkit combines 11 of our state-of-the-art vocal processing plug-ins to give you the power you need to create stunning vocal tracks in any musical style, as well as design unique vocal effects for audio post-production applications.


•AVOX ARTICULATOR – Digital Talkbox
•AVOX ASPIRE – Aspiration Noise Processor
•AVOX CHOIR – Vocal Multiplier
•AVOX DUO – Vocal Modeling Auto-Doubler
•AVOX MUTATOR – Extreme Voice Designer
•AVOX PUNCH – Vocal Impact Enhancer
•AVOX SYBIL – Variable Frequency De-Esser
•AVOX THROAT – Physical Modeling Vocal Designer
•AVOX WARM – Tube Saturation Generator
•Harmony Engine – Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator
•Mic Mod – Classic Microphone Modeler

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