reFX Nexus 3 v3.4.4 WiN


P2P | 30 March 2021 | VST | 8,64 MB

Software developer reFX has unveiled a new version of the popular Nexus romper, which features a completely redesigned control layout and layout, improved performance, and an updated library.
reFX Nexus 3 has three columns for navigating through presets and folders, settings for tags and bookmarks, the ability to add instruments to favorites, and save custom presets. Each sound can now be previewed before use, and instruments can be searched for by tags or names. The plugin has got a new arpeggiator with an increased pattern length, a modified effects section (EQ, filter, reverb, delay, limiter) with a visualizer and a newly developed sequencer.
Other Nexus 3 features include: scalable interface, Nexus 2 compatibility, 16,000 instrument presets, 160GB library. The program can work in AU, VST and VST3 formats and supports most of the popular workstations.

FIX Arp-tabs, and Trancegate-tabs didn’t update their names during preset-load.
FIX Improved stability and general bug-fixes.

FIX Fixed crash that happened when having a drop-down menu open while closing the UI.
FIX General bug-fixes.

FIX Main Delay, Main Reverb, and Main Filter didn’t react to UI changes.
FIX General bug-fixes (minor).

FIX Voice stealer was broken, which could lead to notes of unlimited length.
FIX Preset browser was empty under rare, very specific, circumstances.
FIX Arp/TG browser entries were unsorted.
FIX WIN AAX version was unsigned and thus didn’t work.
FIX General bug-fixes (minor).

CHG Made FX visualizations more consistent with each other.
CHG Improved error messages concerning activations to be more clear.
FIX Main Delay effect could click/pop after a preset-load, under rare circumstances.
FIX Main Filter caused click/pop under rare circumstances.
FIX Pausing / stopping a project could cause click/pop under rare circumstances.
FIX General bug-fixes (minor).

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